Our Story

In 2020, we launched our business with a focus on selling top-quality NZ Cherries from Central Otago in China. To make it more convenient for our customers to purchase, we established our Shanghai-based company in 2021.

During the cherry season, our team is dedicated to delivering exceptional quality by providing a "Grower to Customer" service. This involves picking the fruit directly from the trees, sorting and packing them, and delivering them according to our customers' orders. Our ultimate goal is to ensure customer satisfaction when they receive their orders and open the box.

Promote and market the exceptional quality of New Zealand Cherries in China while also providing independent feedback to growers on the specific requirements of the Chinese market.

Although we don't own any orchards or packhouses, we procure the best cherries available from the orchards located in Cromwell, Clyde, and Central Otago (https://centralotagonz.com). We buy them directly from the orchards and deliver them straight to our customers. Additionally, in Shanghai and Guangzhou, our fully-owned Chinese company partners with SF Logistics to receive and transport cherries to our customers' homes or chosen destinations. Our company, Shanghai Mark Fresh Fruit Trading Co, enables us to leverage local resources and solutions for business development, customer service, sales, marketing, finance, logistics, technology, and more, all aimed at exceeding our customers' expectations.