How we work

We provide prompt delivery of premium New Zealand Cherries, available in 1kg and 2kg boxes, to our valued customers in China, guaranteeing utmost satisfaction with the exceptional quality of our fruits.


How we operate

We meticulously select the finest orchards, with our dedicated team located in Cromwell, Auckland, Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Beijing. Collaborating seamlessly, CherryNZ Ltd, a New Zealand-based company, and Shanghai Mark Fresh Fruit Trading Co, a China-based company, work together to provide a comprehensive Grower to Customer solution, facilitating the seamless transportation of cherries from New Zealand to China.

Our pre-sale sales and marketing activities commence in October, allowing customers to place their orders in advance. The cherry consignments are then scheduled to be sent from the orchards starting in late December.

To ensure the cherries' freshness and quality, they are carefully packed in airfreight containers and swiftly transported to Shanghai or Guangzhou. Upon arrival at the Chinese port, the cherries go through the necessary customs clearance procedures.

Following that, a specialised cold chilled truck promptly delivers the cherries to the SF Logistics Chilled warehouse. Here, a stringent quality check is conducted on sample boxes of cherries to ensure that only the best cherries are selected for our customers.

Once the quality check is complete, the orders are prepared with utmost care, utilising protective packaging and appropriate labelling. Subsequently, the orders are promptly shipped to the customers, with the online tracking number being updated on the customer's order for convenient monitoring of the delivery process.


How we care for our cherries

Maintaining optimal temperature control is the key to ensuring the finest quality of our cherries. From the Cromwell orchard to SF Express, every step of the process is carefully monitored using precise thermometers.

Once the cherries arrive in Shanghai or Guangzhou, they come under the ownership of Shanghai Mark Fresh Fruit Trading Co.

A specialized chilled truck promptly collects the cherries from the airport and transports them to SF Express, where they are promptly unloaded and stored in a meticulously maintained chiller at a constant temperature of 1 degree Celsius.

The competent team at SF Express then diligently packs the orders into containers, ensuring their safe transportation to customers across China.

Thanks to the efficiency of SF Express, the delivery process is swift, ensuring customers receive their cherries in a timely manner.

Upon receiving their orders, customers are advised to store the cherries in chilled storage, maintaining a temperature of 1-3 degrees Celsius, whether it be at home or at their workplace.